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smt rework services

SMT Rework & Repair


ur Rework, Repair and Reball operations turn bad parts and assemblies into good ones at a fraction of the time and cost of sourcing new material or manufacturing from scratch. In addition to BGA reballing and rework, PSI offers component reclaim, fine pitch lead refurbishment, precision cleaning, gold plating repair, PCB pad and trace repair, and more. We work closely with our clients to ensure we are providing the highest possible service levels. Outgoing quality is assured using real-time X-Ray equipment with 160kV power to see through virtually any product with remarkable resolution.

PSI will rework quantities ranging from one part/ assembly to thousands of parts/ assemblies. Call the surface attach experts at PSI the next time you have any of the following rework needs:

  • BGA/LGA/QFN Rework Services
  • SMT and PTH components on any size assembly
  • BGA interposer modules/ sockets/ connectors
  • Plastic & Metal top BGA's up to 2.5"x 2.5"
  • Ceramic Column Grid Arrays (CCGA)
  • Ceramic Ball Grid Arrays (CBGA)
  • Micro BGA's down to .4 mm pitch
  • Any alloy - SnBi, SnPb eutectic & others, SAC305
  • Hand soldering of Passives & PTH
  • ECO modifications to PCBs

BGA Reball

Parts with up to 2500 solder connections with pitches as small as 0.4mm are routinely reworked at PSI. See our main reballing page for more information.

BGA connector rework


BGA Sockets / Connectors

PSI has developed processes for successful removal/ replacement & reballing of a myriad of connectors and sockets.A wide variety of BGA connectors and sockets are in use today. 


Ceramic BGA or Column Grid Arrays

PSI can remove & replace ceramic array devices on small or large assemblies. PSI will reball your ceramic parts with high-temp solder spheres. We do not offer re-columning services.


BGA Interposer Modules

BGA interposer modules can have many different configurations. Some are used to configure a BGA part that can be plugged into a pin grid array socket. Other modules combine functions on a small circuit card, and adapt to a BGA footprint on a mother assembly. PSI has helped pioneer the processes used for developing and reworking these modules. We assist with design for manufacture concerns, as well as rework process development needs, such as:

  • Material selection
  • Process flow for manufacturing
  • Rework profile development
  • Failure analysis or product qualification services via our analytical laboratory

Quality Matters

PSI inspects 100% of rework for conformity to IPC, JEDEC, and customer acceptability requirements. For array devices and bottom terminated components, off-axis X-ray verifies solder joint integrity. If you are not satisfied, we are not either. 

SMT Rework Services - Circuit Assembly Rework & Repair